Development Manager



E-commerce Enabled

Construct and maintain a complete e-commerce enabled business website to replace or add-on to the existing customer website. Cutting edge technology provides customer confidence.

SEO Optimized

Search engine optimized pages for the highest organic search engine placement results. Keyword targeted doorway pages that rank high resulting in more customer traffic.

Professional Design

Professional graphic and product design to provide customer confidence, creating a high e-commerce sales rate. Utilizing our e-commerce optimized template designs or custom designing is available.

Intuitive Navigation

Navigation system that is simple, intuitive, and leads the customer directly into the high level sales channel. Capturing the customers attention quickly and decisively is key to e-commerce success.


Managed Updates

Regular monitoring and updates of the website backbone creating a solid technology service. Security monitoring, software upgrades, and hacking prevention, enabling a trusted network.

Communication Enabled

Website customer communication online forms for sending comments and questions directly to the daily monitored support manager email. Additional sales manager communication available.

Encrypted Security

Encrypted checkout pages utilizing an SSL enabled secure certificate utilized to secure credit card transactions, data transfers and logins. A necessity for any e-commerce sales channel.

One Page Checkout

Create a higher sales level conversion by enabling a single page checkout process rather than taking the customer through a series of potential red-flag pages in closing the sale.