Product Manager



Product Maintenance

Install and maintain the product inventory in the web sales channels with regular updating and maintenance.

Product Promotion

Monthly calendar of highlighted products promoted on business website, sales channels and social media platforms.

Inventory Control

Devise, implement, and maintain inventory control system that feeds both the business website and Amazon channels.

Amazon Sync

Work within Amazon procedures to sync and maintain inventory, creating an additional sales channel to the business website.


Specials Coordination

Communicate with the business client to create a working monthly specials calendar for promotion on the sales channels.

Clearance Management

Maintain a category on the sales channels for clearance products while keeping in line with MAP and business client's pricing policy.

SEO Optimization

Keyword optimization, product feeds and product sitemaps submitted to Google for the highest search engine rankings.

Product Friendly

Attention to updating products to achieve a simple, friendly and easily read message to create a high sales rate conversion.